Garage door not opening & closing?

The root cause for many reported cases of garage doors not opening and closing is the garage door sensor. Sensors send a signal to the opposite sensor via an invisible beam. If the beam is broken, the door will not open or close. This functionality is what prevents the door from closing when it senses that a person or an object are […]

Garage Doors and Safety

When we think about protecting our valuables, we often think of a home alarm system; however, the strongest security measure may be broken by the weakest entry point. While having an alarm system in your home is essential, we must also consider that burglars are always in the lookout to find an entry point. Often times it’s not your back door or […]

Annual U.S. Garage Door Injury Statistics

According to a 2007 NEISS Hospital study on the “door system”, approximately 7,557 persons suffer garage door  injuries such as fingers caught between section joints (which include amputations, avulsions, etc).  Another 2,102 indicated the door fell. These statistics are alarming. Some injuries occur accidentally and others, because of installation negligence. While it is true that garage doors will need repair throughout their […]